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Design, Construction, Renovation.


Property Management.

What we do

Design, Construction and Renovation

Established on the French Riviera in 1986. We design, construct and renovate villas and pools. From small projects and extensions, to entire property renovations and new-builds.


We also offer property management to secondary residence owners, locally to Tourrettes sur Loup, Vence and St Paul.

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Service Highlight

Property Management

We manage dozens of properties within a 10 km radius of Tourrettes sur Loup. We will visit your property regularly and take care of any administration.


We make sure the garden is flourishing, the pool is sparkling, the car starts and there are no leaks or worrying damp patches. Most importantly, we prepare the property for your arrival, so all you need to do when you arrive, is relax...

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New Build

The Hillside Villa

Located in the hills above Tourrettes with a stunning view of the sea, this was a total renovation project, incorporating a large extension.


The architectural motive behind the layout was to bring the outside, inside. Whether you're in the bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room or on the terrace, the sea is always visible, and stunning.

The Showroom

Visit Us

Come by our showroom on the Route de Vence in Tourrettes sur Loup to speak with Clive or Terésa Oakes about your property needs.


Please call or email us to book a meeting.

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